Blending : the work of the Master Blender is carried out uniquely by Michel and Laurent. In this domain as well, we are committed to preserving the family tradition. The « secrets of production » are handed down from generation to generation.
Each vintage has its own particular qualities. Château Montifaud has the good fortune to possess a vineyard which is located in the two premier growth regions. We have no wish to standardize our qualities. On the contrary, we want to personalize them.

« The blending cellar »

In 2006, we also invested in a blending cellar where we have combined our traditional methods with today's technologies in the most delicious way and an optimisation of quality emerges from it. The Vintages are equally interesting by their diversity owing to the year but also to the way of stocking. So, certain vintage years are aged in the « Tronçais » type of oak to give a particular character and therefore, different qualities of our blended cognacs.

« A know-how passed down from generation to generation »

The blending cellar in 1950

The new blending cellar

« We are only one link in the chain and once again, we have the luck to work with Eaux-de-vie from our ancestors, so we want to do our very best to produce the Eaux-de-vie of tomorrow… in the hope that the chain will continue ».