A closely-managed vinification : in 2004, to improve the pressing process, three pneumatic presses of 50 hectolitres each were installed. Ten years later, in 2014, and the surface area of our vineyard having been considerably increased, we invested in a fourth press of 110 hectolitres, which also allows us to carry out the maceration of our Pineau des Charentes (110 hectolitres being the optimal capacity in relation to our production of Pineau).

A natural conservation : our wines are stocked with their sediment for a better conservation, particularly to avoid oxidation. No antioxydant agents are added to our wines, only the high level of acidity permits a good conservation until distilling.

« Technology dedicated to quality »

During the 2000s, and with Laurent's arrival, we equipped our stainless-steel tanks for vinification with a high-performance cooling system. Thus, fermentation temperatures never go over 24°-25° so as to favour the floral qualities provided by our soil of the Grande and Petite Champagne.

Stainless-steel tanks equipped with a temperature control system

« A family know-how passed down from generation to generation »

Basket plate presses, 1960s

Pneumatic presses since 2004