Ageing in our cellars : when ageing our eaux-de-vie, family tradition privileges the floral and fruity character of our cognacs.
Our 350 litre casks are made of Limousin oak. We select the uncut trees with our cooper. He then stocks the wood for three years. After that, at the time of making our barrels, and according to our wishes, he will concentrate on a constant « medium » heating, always with the aim of protecting the natural qualities of our Eaux-de-vie.

« Watching over and looking after the ageing of our Eaux-de-vie »

When filling the casks after distillation, a portion of our cognacs is selected for the various qualities of VS – VSOP - Napoléon – XO – Héritage…, and another portion for vintages. In this case, a representative from the National Interprofessional Authority of Cognac (the BNIC) comes to the property to seal the casks, just after the distillaton.

« The cellars ensure the tranquil ageing of our cognacs »

In our stocks, we possess some very old eaux-de-vie. Among them, a few have dropped to around 42-45% naturally. They are stored in 30 litre demijohn bottles. During ageing, our Grande and Petite Champagne cognacs are stocked seperately (they will only be blended for our range of COGNAC PREMIUM blends).

« A know-how passed down from generation to generation »

The cellars

The cellars